A story has many chapters, but it's always the first that sets the atmosphere, that introduces the characters, that sets the tone for what’s to come and could very well be the beginning of a story that you will end up cherishing forever. One such story begins in 2018.

Fellow graduate students, Castor Godhino and Shreya Jain began working together as freelancers. Their very first project together, one that took a smidge over two years to develop, was laying the foundation of something bigger than themselves for little did they know that it was also the last one they would work on as freelancers. As the rollout grew closer, news of their approach to ERP Development gained such an overwhelming response from clients that it led them to question themselves. They were doing quite well as freelancers, was creating a company too risky a move? Or… Did they have something there? NO to the first and a hard YES to the second, they decided to go ahead and start their very own software development company!

But there was still one decision to be made, a decision that could make or break them, define them... choosing a name. You really don't want your kid to hate you forever and people to stare at you when they ask you about your child’s name, let's leave that to Elon Musk (it can't get any better than X Æ A-12). So it took Shreya and Castor forever, okay not for-ever, more like 6 months to finally choose a name! That wasn't available! Wait what? So now they had just one day (a big glowdown) to come up with a new name. So on 22nd August 2020, out of one the most important shortcuts and two human brains, CtrlSave was born. The company's initials also reflect the co-owners initials, because there's nothing cuter than your baby having your initials (cut to Elon Musk: I get it!).

Today CtrlSave has over 145 active users and in just one year, the two people who never thought in a million years that one project would be the first chapter of an origin story, saw their company reach for the stars.

Fate does indeed work in mysterious ways...